There are many talented and knowledgeable parents and community members in RSU #38 who are willing eager to use their time and energy to help in our schools. These volunteers can be seen in our schools reading and writing with students, copying documents for teachers, working with students to support their math skills, and doing many other important tasks. This effort supports the teachers and students in our district as we work to meet the individual needs of all students.

The volunteer program helps to establish a strong connection between the schools and the community. We hope to grow this connection as we discover the strengths and talents of members of our community by establishing a mentor system where community members can share their knowledge with our students. Through this partnership we hope to strengthen the bond between the schools and the community.

We realize that it does take a community to educate a child. As we strive to strengthen our volunteer system and increase the numbers of community members working in our schools, we hope to provide our students with a greater perspective on their community and the world they live in. Our thanks go out to all who add to the educational experience of the RSU #38 students.

This handbook is designed to provide an overview of the RSU #38 Volunteer Program. Please do not hesitate to contact the school where you would like to volunteer. We will make every effort to make this experience a positive and fulfilling one for all who wish to help out in our schools. Your gift of time and/or resources is very much appreciated by RSU #38 schools and we are dedicated to expanding our opportunities for school and community to work together to benefit our students.

Jay Charette
Superintendent of Schools

Volunteer Handbook

Volunteer Application