Welcome to Tara Wicks' Web Page School Counseling at Wayne Elementary School & Mt. Vernon Elementary School

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My Background
I have a Masters degree in School Counseling from the University of Southern Maine and a Bachelors in child development from the University of Maine. I have also been teaching dance for the last 14 years.

People who talk with counselors trust that counseling and consultation sessions will be confidential. This is important for children as well as adults. My responsibility is to help a child work through the issues that are affecting him or her. I will often say to the child, ”What part of what we talked about today may I share with your mom, dad (or teacher)?” Usually children want parents or teachers to know about what is happening. When they do not want to share our work together will often shift to their learning how to better communicate their feelings to others. Of course, there are exceptions to confidentiality that are mandated by Maine laws. These exceptions include instances where a child is in danger of hurting himself or others, is being abused by someone else, or where I am ordered by a court to disclose information. I discuss with children the responsibility of all school staff to help them feel safe.