The composition, powers and duties of any local school committees to be created

a). Local school committees are to be created for the benefit of the local elementary school in the following municipalities, and each shall have the composition indicated. The RSU Board of Education will be recognized as the only official governing body that will be empowered to make decisions for the RSU, as defined by law.

Town = Local School Committee Composition
Town of Manchester = 3 or 5 members
Town of Mt. Vernon = 3 or 5 members
Town of Readfield = 3 or 5 members
Town of Wayne = 3 or 5 members

b). The local school committee members shall be elected in accordance with the procedures applicable to the election of school committee members in municipal school units. A person may be a member of both the RSU board and local school committee.

c). To the extent permitted by law, the powers and duties of the local school committees are as follows:
They shall maintain communication with the local community and the RSU Board of Education;
They shall aid and advise the RSU Board of Education with regard to local elementary school (pre-kindergarten through grade 5) needs.
They shall aid and advise the local elementary school principal in determining those needs and budget items unique to the local elementary school.
They may adopt additional courses of study at local expense in accordance with 20-A M.R.S.A. §1001(6) provided the courses of study are not in conflict with the core curriculum adopted by the RSU.
They shall present to the RSU board a proposed budget for the local school in accordance with 20-A M.R.S.A. §1485 (using the 11 cost centers). The proposed local school budget must be submitted in time to be included in the RSU budget.
They may submit to the municipal officers any proposed expenditures for the local school that are not included in the budget for the regional school unit to be separately appropriated by the municipality.
They may submit proposals for school renovations and school construction projects to the regional school unit for approval in accordance with applicable law. They shall consult with the regional school unit board regarding school construction projects and renovation projects for their schools.
They may accept and expend gifts in accordance with 20-A M.R.S.A. § 1476(6), subject to central administration and accounting.
They may adopt rules and policies that govern their schools which are consistent with the rules and policies of the regional board.
Through the municipal officers, the local school committee may submit to the voters of the municipality an article for the voters of the municipality to determine whether the local school committee should be eliminated or an article to curtail or eliminate one or more of its powers and duties.
d). Except as specified by charter, local school committees shall have three members unless the municipality votes to expand its local school committee to five members as provided in 20-A MRSA. §2303.